Proton  1.1.1
Make porting easy from Python to C++11
C++11 Proton Library
Lenx Tao Wei (lenx.wei at


Proton is a library to provide Python-like interfaces for C++11, which try to make porting from Python to C++11 easier, and make programming in C++11 more convenient :)

The main git repository is at


Download site:

Need a compiler supporting c++11, such as gcc 4.7.0 or higher.
Install Boost C++ Library 1.48 or higher first.

After that, just standard "./configure; make; make check; make install"


You can find documents about modules here.


1.1.2 goal: list_, unordered_

add tutorial

1.2 milestone

add os module

add socket module(?)

add server/client module

add regex module

add threading

1.4 milestone

add gc support

1.6 milestone