Proton  1.1.1
Make porting easy from Python to C++11
proton::detail Namespace Reference

The implementation namespace of proton. More...


union  chunk_header
 header of chunk, the basic of memory block. More...
class  list_header
 basic list header for pool_block. More...
class  pool_block
 pool contains many chunks. More...
class  seg_pool
 seg contains many pools for a same size range. More...


typedef int(* unittest_t )()
 the prototype of unit test.


int unittest_run (std::vector< unittest_t > &ut)
 unit test executor.

Detailed Description

The implementation namespace of proton.

Any thing in this namespace should not be considered as a part of interfaces of Proton.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* proton::detail::unittest_t)()

the prototype of unit test.

0 - success

Definition at line 19 of file unit_test.hpp.

Function Documentation

int proton::detail::unittest_run ( std::vector< unittest_t > &  ut)

unit test executor.

utunit tests need to be tested.
0: succes, other: failure